Aaron Harburg

Technology! Good!…. Technology! Bad?

One of the biggest questions I want to address is: Has technology cumulatively had more of a positive impact on human beings or a negative one? 

Some people may be baffled that I ask the question for a couple of reasons. In one camp is the “What are you talking about?! Isn’t it obvious technology has had a positive impact?!”. The other camp says “How can you possibly begin to answer that question?”. 

My response to the first camp is that anything worthwhile is worth examining. The more we examine our fundamental assumptions the more clearly we come to see reality. While it may be obvious that technology has major advantages, we still need to weigh that against the disadvantages. More fundamentally we need to define what kind of advantages technology has had. 

My response to the second camp is that even if I don’t come to a complete and definitive answer there is still a lot to be gained from exploring the question. 

Obviously this is going to take more than one post. I am initially intending to answer this by answering the underlying questions. How do we define technology? How do we categorize technology? What is a positive impact? A negative impact? With each of these questions there are other questions that sit underneath. In time they will be explored.