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Ghost in Shell – Movie Review


On Friday night I watched this (in) famous anime film with a friend. I knew not to expect Princess Mononoke, but I definitely didn’t expect what it was. I had been warned that it contained quite a bit of nudity, but oh boy there were a LOT of boobies. Which doesn’t really bother me, yet even I found it too much.

The dubbed version, which is the only one I’ve seen, had really poor acting. The plot wasn’t all that clear or coherent. The characters were really flat. Mouthpieces for the themes and plot devices. The pacing was post-modern, almost Terrance Malek like, but without the good music. The music was grating.


What really got under my skin was the lame philosophical discussions the characters had. Normally I’d be all about that type of thing. However these discussions were really just shallow monologs on consciousness and identity that seemed more at home in an undergraduate dorm after abusing substances. I still can’t figure out why this film was such a big deal. Maybe it was lost in translation. Ultimately I think the Matrix did a much better job of addressing the questions it tried to.

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  1. Ben Milton

    I saw it for the first time a few weeks ago too, and had basically the same reaction. My wife fell asleep. I muscled through it, and the tank fight was cool, but most of it didn’t seem to go anywhere.

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